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Church of Saint Patrick

Llanbadrig meaning 'Church of Saint Patrick' was founded in 440 AD and has a link to the patron saint of Ireland.

In the 5th Century whilst still a Bishop, Patrick was sent by Pope Celestine to Ireland to convert the Irish to Christianity.



A 'thank you' to God

Local legend states that he was shipwrecked on Ynys Badrig, an island, which can be seen from the stile in the churchyard wall.

He managed to get onto dry land, landing at Rhos Badrig and finding refuge in Ogof Badrig, a cave, which has since become known as Patrick's Cave.

Saint Patrick recovered from his ordeal at sea and founded the church as a thank you to God for keeping him alive.


Repaired and restored

In 1812 Llanbadrig Church was substantially repaired and the cottage Ty'n Llan adjacent to the church was built. Further work was carried out throughout the remainder of the 1800's when the church was restored as it stands today.
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